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Storage Container


Rent Your Storage Container Short or Long term


Shipping containers as storage units have changed the storage industry.

Leasing or Renting a Container is a great option for temporary or long-term affordable storage solutions  as a quick, efficient and cost-effective.
You don’t have to store your goods in an expensive storage facility. A long-term rental on a shipping container is all you need, and we can provide it for you quickly and easily.
Our goal is to provide a secure solution,   you can get access to your goods when you need. 

Our secure storage yards available to your General usages include storing tools, machinery, Construction, Industrial  , Government , Military, Agriculture, spare parts, Manufacturing, Medical supplies, Farm Equipment, Workshop, Car and Motorcycle Storage, Boat Storage, Household Goods, Furniture & Transport or Shipping.
We can supply you with all types and sizes of standard shipping containers for hire including 20ft, 40ft and 40’hc boxes  as Self-Storage containers for rent  COMMERCIAL & PRIVATE. 
All our shipping containers  meets the ISO standards approved for shipping and storage.  
Flexible short and long term container rental agreements.

Storage rental prices range from $125-$300 per month depending on the size and options selected as well based on location, the duration of the rental, and the number of Boxes on rent. Also it's possible for a Raseef Containers to deliver the rental container to your location.

Payment :
For all rental transactions, we collect the first three months rent upfront  plus any fees, taxes, and/or freight charges associated with your order. After the initial period, you will be invoiced on date each billing period until your rental is complete. 

We can help out there. Our friendly customer service staff can help answer any questions that you may have about how much a shipping container will fit. Dealing directly with us we can provide you with very competitive prices.
We can help you understand everything you need to know about storing your goods in a shipping container.


Allow us to provide a competitive solution for any need.  

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